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The US FBI—A Risk to Cloud Computing?

Our FBI has caused their own version of a “force majeure” event.  According to The New York Times, the Federal Bureau of Investigation seized “3 enclosures” of equipment while actively investigating activities that were believed to be related to the … Continue reading

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The Elusive “access-class out” Command

 “Access-class out” seems to never work as expected.  At first, it seems that the reason why this the case is because you must telnet into the router first.  In other words, it has no effect to telnet connections that are attempted from … Continue reading

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We Must NOT Kid Ourselves!

With a title like that, I can go in a million directions with this blog post.  The direction I want to go is to expose some of the limits and set some expectations of network security professionals.  As a CCIE … Continue reading

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