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Congrats to Kevin Wallace — CCIE x2

Just a few weeks ago, fellow Kentuckian Kevin Wallace passed his Voice CCIE Lab. That means that our rural state now has at least two individuals who have multiple CCIE’s. The other CCIE in Kentucky is Scott Morris, who has … Continue reading

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Protecting Insecure Protocols

Last week I wrote an article that demonstrated the grievous security oversight in the Telnet protocol. Telnet, being a clear text protocol, exposes the entire contents of any session to anyone who can gain access to the traffic. Telnet is … Continue reading

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What’s Wrong With Telnet?

We have all heard that telnet is bad. We have heard that it is an insecure protocol that sends information in clear text. Conceptually, that sounds simple. However, let’s take a look at what this really means. To demonstrate what … Continue reading

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Certifications for the SMB Network Technician

Small to Medium Businesses (SMB) have unique challenges from the perspective of technical expertise. The challenges are more related to the limited number of employees that work for or service businesses that meet this criteria. I often find organizations with … Continue reading

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ยป Cisco Live Attendee Expectations — FryGuy’s Blog

I’ve had a request or two regarding what to expect at Cisco Live. If you are planning to attend Cisco Live 2012 and this is your first time to Cisco Live (formerly known as networkers, the article below is for … Continue reading

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Span Port on the ASA 5505

There are a few ASA features that are specific to the 5505. This small business version of the Cisco firewall works a little different than the higher performance models. The ASA 5505 is basically an 8 port switch with the … Continue reading

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