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Mykonos–WAF With an Attitude

At this point many vendors offer a web application firewall, or WAF. Mykonos is a recent Juniper acquisition. This particular WAF does some things that show its ability to think “outside of the box”. At some point, I had planned to post … Continue reading

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PacketU — Thankful for You :-)

Today is the Thanksgiving Holiday in the United States. Although this is typically a day for family, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank those who regularly read, participate and share the content found on PacketU. This site is … Continue reading

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Syslog and the NMIS 8 Virtual Appliance

A couple of weeks ago I posted a query on the Packet Pushers Forum. This query was regarding recommendations for network management solutions that were well suited to the small to mid-sized networks. This forum post yielded many valuable recommendations. … Continue reading

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Rant, Rant and Repeat

I started to write an article as an apology for an email I sent today. This email was to a vendor who provided a response that didn’t meet my expectations. As I started writing the article, I found that my … Continue reading

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HSRP Default Authentication

HSRP is sort of the “default” First Hop Redundancy Protocol (FHRP) in the Cisco world. One thing that I find a bit strange is that, according to the documentation, authentication is enabled by default. If this is truly the case, … Continue reading

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