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Is Cisco Trying to Tell Us a Story?

Within the past week or so, several interesting announcements have been made regarding Cisco Systems. I’m really starting to get curious what the theme and message of Cisco Live US will be this year. Recent Announcements Linksys Being Sold to … Continue reading

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Cisco to Sell Linksys

Today, Belkin announced their intent to purchase the Linksys division of Cisco Systems. The home networking division was a result of a $500 million dollar¬†acquisition¬†deal in 2003. This acquisition was one of a couple of consumer oriented plays that left … Continue reading

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Juniper MX Series — A Book Packed Full of Details

Following the Network Field Day 4 event, Douglas Hanks asked if I’d be interested in reviewing a copy of his book. Being an avid reader of technology stuff and wanting to learn a bit about Juniper, I was excited to … Continue reading

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Learning Network VIPs for 2013

On Friday, Cisco officially announced the 2013 Learning Network Designated VIPs. This is a group of individuals who spend a significant amount of their free time helping others as they try to understand the many concepts found in networking. For … Continue reading

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Understanding PVLAN Trunk Types

As I mentioned in previous article, the PVLAN trunk feature is not widely available. However they are mentioned in the SWITCH materials. Therefore, I wanted to briefly mention how these may be used. In many cases, I find a picture … Continue reading

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Frame Buffer — January 2013

Coming up in January 2013 On the Wire Plans for the New Year In the Queue Special Announcement PVLAN Trunk Port Comparison Book Review: Juniper MX Series — A Comprehensive Guide to Trio Technologies on the MX More reviews from … Continue reading

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Plans for the New Year

I wanted to take just a few minutes to list the expectations I have of myself and our industry for 2013. I guess this article is sort of a resolve and a prediction all in one. Honestly, I probably won’t … Continue reading

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