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Got a Blog? Help #TTI, Get Recognition or Free Stuff

I am launching an awareness campaign for The Tech Interview. This new technical career focused site is quickly becoming rich with great content from several generous contributors. This campaign encourages other bloggers to link to our site and share the … Continue reading

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Don’t Count Cisco Out

Today, VMWare announced NSX as their network virtualization strategy. There’s a lot of discussion around the networking partners that are aligning themselves with this strategy. Cisco seems to notably be the outsider in this arrangement. I want to bring a … Continue reading

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Wireshark Certification Expiration, What To Do?

I think most people know that I’ve been a huge supporter of the WCNA program. I wrote an article when I first received my certification that outlined my thoughts on the program and followed up later with another post that … Continue reading

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Using Notepad++ Vertical Selection for Mass Changes

Notepad++ has a really cool feature that I’d like to share with those who haven’t already stumbled onto it. This feature is the ability to select vertically. The typical linear selection found in text editors works most of the time, … Continue reading

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Cisco VIRL – The Virtual Internet Routing Lab

Cisco has been talking for some time about a product that I’m really excited about. This product is known as “VIRL”, pronounced like “viral”. VIRL is short for Virtual Internet Routing Lab. The promise is this will use IOU, short … Continue reading

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The Openflow Book — Coming Soon

So I just received an email that included links to updated versions Greg Ferro’s book. Although the update was for Arse First Method of Technical Blogging, I read the entire message and found that another gem is coming soon. Greg … Continue reading

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