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Happy Thanksgiving

Traditions are different all around the globe, but today is the day that we Americans eat even more and give thanks for our many blessings and opportunities. I wanted to reach out to the PacketU readers and thank each and … Continue reading

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Getting Started With SDN

Over the past few months I’ve started noticing more and more concern about software defined networking and its effect on networking careers. My personal belief is that those of us choosing a career in technology must realize that we chose … Continue reading

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Cisco TSHOOT, A Different Kind of Exam

Last week I took the Cisco exam 642-832, also know as TSHOOT. This is typically taken as the last exam in the CCNP Routing and Switching certification process. Although somewhat confined by the NDA, I wanted to share what I … Continue reading

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Congrats to Chandan Singh Takuli, CCIE Voice

I wanted to take just a moment to congratulate my friend Chandan Singh Takuli on his recent achievement. He reached out to me earlier this week and told me that he had passed his voice lab and was now CCIE … Continue reading

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A Simplified Look at Proxy ARP

Most technicians learn about the process of mapping an IP address to a Mac address. This process, known as arp, is a layer 2 process that allows the Internet Protocol to function over Ethernet. What isn’t always well known and … Continue reading

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The Operation of Proxy Arp

In A Simplified View of Proxy Arp, we looked conceptually at the function of this layer two protocol. The use of the process, typically found in what many consider a broken network, raises some concerns and should typically be disabled. … Continue reading

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Understanding Routed and Routing Protocols

Those entering the networking field are bombarded with new terms, acronyms and concepts. Many concepts are obviously unique. Others seem to be ambiguous. At first, the concept of routing and routed protocol might seem to be overlapping. However, these are … Continue reading

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TAC Security Podcast Discusses OnePK, ONE and VIRL (CML)

I wanted to give a shout out to the TAC Security Podcast Team for covering OnePK, ONE and VIRL in show 38. These are few of the components that make up Cisco’s strategy around software defined networking. As it relates to … Continue reading

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Cisco ASA — Minimizing Challenges with VPN and Management Traffic

The ASA appliance is a very popular choice for the branch office environment. It provides flexible security and is a good termination point for a VPN connection back to a headquarter location. One challenge that technicians often run into is … Continue reading

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