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The Advantage Tail-f Has Developing NCS

There wasn’t a single Networking Field Day 7 session that didn’t at least touch on software defined networking or SDN. Tail-f was the first vendor who presented and told us about a network management product that could play a significant … Continue reading

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My Python Student

So I know what everyone is thinking–Paul is teaching programming, yeah right… Well I am sort of being a facilitator. The truth is I have a very special student, my 11 year old daughter. The broader story is that she … Continue reading

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Blog Spotlight — Colin McNamara — OpenStack Nerd, CCIE, DevOps Junkie

I have been a long time reader of articles written by Colin McNamara. Authoring a blog that bears his name, Colin is working to evangelize the thought processes around DevOps into IT organizations. One of his latest articles called the … Continue reading

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Using the Brocade vRouter VPN Capabilities

One of the challenges that must be overcome as servers are migrated to a cloud service provider is the ability to continue to reach all servers and securely communicate with them for various administrative and data transfer needs. NAT can … Continue reading

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