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Google and Cloudflare: Encrypting the WWW

A couple of months ago, Google announced that it had started using SSL as a factor in SEO ranking. Since the search giant is the referrer for most website traffic, this is the type of announcement that gets the attention … Continue reading

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Vulnerable OMA-DM Implementations and Over the Air Hacks

Earlier today, I was listening to Risky Business show #341. In this show Matt Solnik discussed vulnerabilities that he attempted to share at BlackHat. I say attempted, because it sounds like they may have had some issues with audio/video during … Continue reading

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Using Ping Sweep to Find MTU Ceiling

Earlier this week I had breakfast with a very interesting group. One of those present had an extensive history with Cisco systems. We talked about his tenure and several of the projects that he had been involved in. For some … Continue reading

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