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Quickly Adding an NMS to VIRL

I’ve spent the last few days experimenting with APIC-EM and the path trace capabilities. My lab environment is currently leveraging VIRL (Virtual Internet Routing LAB). Since it wasn’t obvious how to integrate APIC-EM with the lab platform, I wanted to … Continue reading

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A Broken Process Placing Consumers at Risk

Below is a chat session I had with Pearson Vue several months ago as I attempted to schedule a recertification exam. Apparently, I have two accounts with them and that¬†prevents next day test scheduling. To put it mildly, I don’t … Continue reading

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APIC-EM Path Trace Examples – Overlay Networks

Since seeing the APIC-EM Path Trace demo for the first time and seeing how it represents CAPWAP, I’ve been curious how well it deals with other types¬†of overlay/underlay networking. This article is a brief synopsis of that testing and provides … Continue reading

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Voice Gateway and Voice VRF – Caveats

Many networks leverage what is known as a VRF. These are used for traffic isolation and create separate routing instances within a router. It is important that vrf awareness is confirmed for any service (DHCP, Voice GW, etc) being locally … Continue reading

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ACL Trace in APIC EM

I wanted to take just a moment to share the output of an APIC-EM ACL Trace (option in Path Trace). For this example, I have built out the topology below. The applicable configuration for CSR1000v-2 is as follows–

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FLAT Networks in VIRL Require Promiscuous Mode

So I’m sure this is in the documentation somewhere. But for anyone else out there who is getting inconsistent results with FLAT interfaces in VIRL, Promiscuous Mode support in ESXi seems to be a requirement. Definitely something to check…

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Connecting VIRL to the Outside World

I’ve been leveraging VIRL for some time to build and test self-contained labs. I’ve always known that there was some ability to connect to the world outside of this environment. Recently, I decided to configure this functionality and I wanted … Continue reading

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