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Information Management is Hard

I’m curious what PacketU readers are using for information management. Do you use a single ubiquitous storage mechanism or app (like Box or Evernote)? Or perhaps you have a specific (perhaps local) solutions for sensitive nature of information? Maybe you approach this as … Continue reading

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CLN 2015 Designated VIPs

I wanted to take a moment and give a well-deserved congratulations to the 2015 Cisco Learning Network Designated VIPs. These fine folks spend a ton of time giving back to the community by helping others in their learning process. New … Continue reading

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Positioning an IT Conversation

About a  week ago, I took my wife’s van to the shop. The main issue was it was making a popping noise in the front end. I only observed the noise when steering sharply and the vehicle was in motion. Typically … Continue reading

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Using Cisco’s DevNet “All-in-One VM” as a Free Router Lab

I know many have been [not so patiently] waiting for the arrival of a Cisco virtual lab. Although I haven’t heard any official release date for VIRL or CML, there is a small scale virtual router lab available today. This lab is … Continue reading

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Asking for Clarity

I have a lot of discussions with vendors, peers and other friends in the business. One of the things that I find challenging is the nuances with the language of technology. Our conversations include things like traffic flow, NAT, SDN, … Continue reading

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Reading a Certification Blueprint

Those studying for certification exams should know what they’re studying for. This is typically found on some sort of syllabus or blueprint. In Cisco parlance, we simply call this the exam blueprint. So those taking ICND1 in hopes of achieving … Continue reading

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Validating Candidate Knowledge

I’ve been thinking a lot about the process of knowledge validation. One of the things that frustrates me is the process asking obscure questions that depend on memorization of pointless trivia. This may occur either in the vendor testing or … Continue reading

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My #FAIL at #CLUS and Cisco Testing RANT

I’m about to publicly humiliate myself by sharing today’s private humiliation. To make a long story short, I took 640-554 (CCNA Security) and got the “We Regret to Inform you, blah, blah, blah…” Actually after I’d seen the first 10 questions … Continue reading

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My Python Student

So I know what everyone is thinking–Paul is teaching programming, yeah right… Well I am sort of being a facilitator. The truth is I have a very special student, my 11 year old daughter. The broader story is that she … Continue reading

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7 Things I Learned at Networking Field Day 7

As many PacketU readers know, I spent this week in San Jose, CA as a Networking Field Day 7 delegate. For those who are unfamiliar with Networking Field Day, it is a well-run GestaltIT event that is funded by vendor … Continue reading

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Broad AND Deep, The New Technology Niche is

I’ve made the argument over and over again that the world is ready for a highly specialized workforce. There used to be a need to generalize and develop many disciplines due to geographic limitations that we have *mostly* overcome with … Continue reading

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6 Challenges of Starting A Networking Career

I spend a considerable amount of time on the Cisco Learning Network. This forum caters to those studying for Cisco Certifications and learning specifics of Cisco Products. Although there are many advanced and expert contributors, the site seems to be … Continue reading

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