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Black Friday, Technology Glitches and Revenue Lost

This morning my wife was trying to purchase something from BELK.com. She ran into an issue at the point of transaction. The error that was being returned looked like the credit card number was invalid. Since the first attempt was … Continue reading

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IRS Banner Fail

So I go to the IRS Page that allows taxpayers to check status of a refund. This is under the number “3” at the following URL– http://www.irs.gov/Refunds The following banner pops up prior to setting a browser cookie. I’m not … Continue reading

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Forming a Local User Group

I just read a short post by Lindsay Hill titled Doing Community Programs Right. I think the points made are accurate and well-founded. Prior to working for Cisco, I was part of the “CLN Designated VIP Program”. I had the … Continue reading

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Validation Testing Matters

A couple of weeks ago, a CLN Member Posted a question with the heading Does ASA drop active session. The specific question was as follows– I have a time based ACL configured on a Cisco ASA. I need to know if the … Continue reading

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Positioning an IT Conversation

About a  week ago, I took my wife’s van to the shop. The main issue was it was making a popping noise in the front end. I only observed the noise when steering sharply and the vehicle was in motion. Typically … Continue reading

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Google and Cloudflare: Encrypting the WWW

A couple of months ago, Google announced that it had started using SSL as a factor in SEO ranking. Since the search giant is the referrer for most website traffic, this is the type of announcement that gets the attention … Continue reading

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Asking for Clarity

I have a lot of discussions with vendors, peers and other friends in the business. One of the things that I find challenging is the nuances with the language of technology. Our conversations include things like traffic flow, NAT, SDN, … Continue reading

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Streamlining Service Delivery with Technology

Today Uber began offering service in Lexington, Ky. I know a lot of people out there wonder why I’m such a fan of Google’s ride sharing service. The answer to that question is simple. Uber is interesting to me because … Continue reading

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LinkedIn Automation Fail

Like most everyone else, I receive a regular influx of email from LinkedIn. Over time, I’ve noticed that these don’t appear to be vetted by a human, any artificial intelligence or even keyword searches. A week or so ago, I … Continue reading

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My #FAIL at #CLUS and Cisco Testing RANT

I’m about to publicly humiliate myself by sharing today’s private humiliation. To make a long story short, I took 640-554 (CCNA Security) and got the “We Regret to Inform you, blah, blah, blah…” Actually after I’d seen the first 10 questions … Continue reading

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No One Cares About Our SDN

Readers of this blog know that Software Defined Networking is a popular topic in our industry. Nearly every recent Networking Field Day session has involved some form or flavor of SDN. The centralized control plane concept promises to provide a control point … Continue reading

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Heartbleed Will Cause Issues With Obscure OpenSSL Use Cases

In real world deployments, the Heartbleed Bug is a bit different than a lot of other vulnerabilities we have seen. This issue exists in recent versions of OpenSSL and allows an attacker to harvest raw information from the memory of affected devices. … Continue reading

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